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eso es, sopla más fuerte >:)

Pedro Aguirre Cerda, Davila 

i saw this image today… i liked it but did not reblog. I started thinking “what if I never see this glorious masterpiece again?”, yet  did not come back. I tried to tell myself that this image is meaningless, it does not even suit my blog… But I remembered it again, this magnificent beautiful skeleton drinking pepsi in a shower while it’s bones are being moisturized by this gently flowing water. I started to regret it. Deeply. But then, it came back on my dash! Without any thinking required I clicked the reblog button. Now, this glorious gif shall stay on my blog forever as a reminder that miracles do happen.

I be like

Yo soy un pollo, Homero !
A Theme A Theme Green Yoshi Stumping And Looking Out